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1. Automatic informing about your cargo status 2 times a day by e-mail to save your time. Due to this function, you do not need to track the cargo shipped by our company - just check your email. mail. If during the day you need more information on cargo status, simply ask your assigned manager.

2. All trucks that carry partial cargoes leaving Vilnius to Russia have satellite tracking. By working with us, you will always know the exact location of your cargo. In the case of expensive goods, your cargo movement status is also provided at weekends in order to be sure of your cargo security.

3. Our own partial cargo lines. All goods from Lithuania are transported only in our machines and we never delivering the cargo to other forwarders, even if this is not usable financially. Cargo transportation is fully controlled throughout the journey. Before shipping, we send documents for customer check to avoid problems at the border and at the customs office of destination.

4. Checking the cargo on arrival at our terminal in Vilnius. All loads arriving at our terminal are weighted, photographed and measured for FREE. We send the cargo data, along with the received documents, to the customer by e-mail. Due to possible data mismatches, we can pre-check with customer the goods and, if necessary, correct the documents until the loads are shipped to the destination.

5. Accepted actual weight mismatch in the documents specified in the weight up to 3%. If, upon arrival, we determine that the actual weight and weight of the documents differ by more than 3%, then we will correct the documents together with the customer. If it is not possible to repair the documents by self, we offer our specialist services or other solutions to the problem. This helps you and we avoid potential problems at the border and destination sites.

6. Insured liability throughout the journey. Our liability as carriers is insured under the terms of the CMR Convention for € 250,000. At the customer's request, we can insure the cargo for a fee. You can be sure that your cargo is in safe hands and fully insured against possible risks

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