Double deck semi-trailer

Innovative Fleet Technology of Auto Praba

From a first glance this semi-trailer might look like any other, however once opening the back doors You will be surprised – space is divided into two decks.

Why does it matter?

Carrying hundreds of loads weekly we have noticed that often we do not make optimal use of semi-trailer’s volume and lifting capacity, therefore we found a solution – double deck semi-trailers made specially for us. The semi-trailers have adjustable double beams that can be adapted to any loads – either carried on Euro pallets or non-standard. Since second deck is made to carry loads totalling up to 11 tonnes, we have also strengthened semi-trailer’s structural support, so the loads would be carried at maximum security and reliability. Security of loads is one of our main priorities, therefore we have additionally reinforced semi-trailer’s tent with wire mesh, securing loads from unprofessional intruders at a higher level compared to traditional semi-trailer tents.

But enough about us.

How double deck semi-trailers benefit You

  • Efficiency. As we make optimal use of semi trailer’s volume and lifting capacity we can keep on offering You highest quality service at the best price.
  • Security. Your load is carried much safer than in usual tent due to reinforcing semi-trailer’s tent with wire mesh.
  • Ecology. Making more effective use of the semi-trailer is not only beneficial for us and You but also for the environment – by optimising transportation we reduce negative impact on the nature and create a healthier environment together.
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