Satellite tracking of all cars leaving Vilnius to Russia and Belarus

Satellite tracking of all cars leaving Vilnius to Russia and Belarus

Cargo security is one of the key aspects of sending more than 20 part loaded vehicles every week from Europe to Russia. To do this properly, we need to use special tools. In order to ensure cargo security, first of all, it was necessary to combine all the information available in different ways from different carriers into one system and to have the most up-to-date information available. To make it as effective as possible, we chose a company Ruptela and its TrustTrack system. TrustTrack is a real-time traffic monitoring and control system that helps us better manage the transport park and save time and money for us and our customers.


Our customers, more than anyone else, must to know the status of the cargo, the exact location and when it will be at the needed place. Real-time cargo information helps better manage transport park and helps deliver better results. For each car arrival or departure from critical points (e.g. landing, customs, loading/ unloading places), we receive information by SMS, and we can also monitor real-time where exactly the machine is currently, at what's the speed, even when the driver unavailable by mobile phone. The GPS tracking device, together with the TrustTrack system, forms a vehicle monitoring and control solution that has been adapted to our partial cargo transportation system.


With real-time satellite tracking data, expedition managers of UAB "Auto Praba" instantly respond to unexpected and difficult situations that may arise and can prevent potential customer losses. With partners such as Ruptela, we can focus more on a main work, which is to provide the best partial cargoes transportation for our customers.

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