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Auto Praba UAB offers services of loads carriage by air, which is one of the most rapidly developing modes of cargos transport. Carriage by air is effected to/from the CIS countries – Byelorussia and Russia (Minsk, Moscow, St Petersburg, N. Novgorod, Voronezh, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd and Kazan). The cargos are delivered in Europe in 2-3 business days and to/from the Far East in 5-7 business days.

In cases where, while transporting loads in Europe, direct delivery by air to the consignee is impossible, we offer a combination of air and land transport. Upon reaching of the larger European airports (such as Frankfurt, Copenhagen or Helsinki), the shipment is delivered to Vilnius Airport by road. At the consolidation warehouse in Vilnius, distribution of the cargos according to country and city of destination takes place. The goods are shipped in trucks.

Specific security requirements apply to cargos transported by air to ensure that they reach the destination intact and on time: an X-ray examination is made, and if necessary the package may be opened. Carriage by air is also characterised by stricter requirements for dangerous loads, liquids and products emitting magnetic fields. Specifications and descriptions must be provided for such loads. Based on them the airlines decide on whether the cargo can be accepted for carriage. If carriage of the cargo is refused, Auto Praba UAB will offer an optimal solution for its transportation under a special order.

We offer to:

  • Deliver your loads reliably and on time;
  • Use multimodal transport (air + land) for the carriage;
  • Carry special and dangerous loads;
  • Provide full logistics services in Lithuania and abroad;
  • Monitor the cargos‘ movement;
  • Organise door-to-door collection and delivery;
  • Inform you when the loads are ready for shipment;
  • Provide an all-risks insurance cover for the loads during carriage etc. 

The service of carriage by air provided by Auto Praba UAB includes:

  • Maintaining direct contact with the supplier/consignee;
  • Monitoring of the entire process;
  • Provision of progress information;
  • Presenting a carriage price breakdown;
  • Selecting the term of delivery.


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