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Auto Praba is a logistics company that provides a wide range of quality logistics services. Every year, we transport thousands of cargoes from Western Europe to the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, Kazakhstan, as well as from Lithuania to Western Europe. We provide warehousing and distribution, customs brokerage services. Ambitious employees of the company are looking for new opportunities every day and offer customers innovative logistics solutions. When transporting cargo, we aim to make customers feel calm and assured.

  • Twice a day we inform you about the status of the cargo by e-mail. Thanks to this function, you do not need to check every cargo transported by our company - it is enough to check your e-mail. If you need more information about the status of the cargo, press the "track" button in the report and you will see where the cargo is in real time.

  • We can transport partial loads from Italy in double-decker semi-trailers. Such a logistical solution is more efficient and environmentally friendly. The awning of these semi-trailers is additionally reinforced with a wire net, so it better protects the cargo from theft.

  • We transport not only normal, but also dangerous cargo with partial cargo lines, and we also transport goods that require a certain temperature, such as cosmetics, water-based paints, non-freezing equipment, which require a temperature of at least 5°C for transportation.

  • In Vilnius, we have a logistics terminal with distribution and customs warehouses, the possibility of transshipping palletized, loosely stacked and large loads, rolls.

  • We weigh, photograph and measure all cargo arriving at our terminal free of charge. We send data about the cargo, together with the received documents, to the customer by e-mail. This allows us to pre-check the goods and, if necessary, correct the documents before the cargo is sent to its destination.

  • We take a responsible approach to our work, therefore, taking care of the safety of our customers, we have insured our activities and liability for transported goods and services provided to customers.

  • We are focused on fast transportation, saving your budget, using flexible, individual solutions or intermodal transportation.

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We are working so that
you can be calm!

Let's get in touch!

You can contact us by phone 

+370 (5) 2052109,
or by filling out the request form.


Auto Praba UAB
Naugarduko st. 98

7th floor

Vilnius LT03160


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