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We will transport your cargo using various modes of transport - land, sea, air and rail transport.


Multimodal freight transport is a method of freight transport where several modes of transport, such as sea, road and air, are used to transport the intended goods. If transporting cargo by one mode of transport is impossible or requires a lot of time, multimodal transportation is the most optimal way. After evaluating the characteristics of your cargo, we will help you optimize the costs and time of cargo transportation by choosing the most optimal routes and means of transport.




  • We transport both neutral and regulated temperature and dangerous (ADR) multimodal cargoes;

  • We send an average of 15 multimodal cargoes every week.

  • We carry out a free inspection of cargo condition, weight, number of seats, measurements and photography at our terminal in Vilnius;

  • We prepare all cargo transportation documents;

  • All transported cargo is insured by the forwarder's civil liability and the carrier's CMR insurance (up to 250 thousand euros per cargo);

  • We use a flexible payment system, regular customers have the option of deferring payment.



Auto Praba provides partial and full cargo transportation by road transport on international routes, as well as package collection and distribution services in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We transport neutral, regulated temperature and dangerous (ADR) cargo. We have a new fleet of vehicles. We transport cargo with minibuses, 3-10 t capacity trucks, awning and refrigerated semi-trailers (up to 92 m³ capacity), large-capacity road trains (up to 120 m³ volume) and double-decker semi-trailers designed for more efficient, environmentally friendly transportation of partial loads. The double-deck semi-trailers specially made for us are equipped with double adjustable beams, which we can adapt to all loads - both those transported on euro pallets and non-standard ones. On the second floor, we can transport up to 11.5 tons of weight.


Sea transport is the most common and cheapest type of transport, thanks to which cargo can be transported from any point in the world. Nowadays, maritime transport is an integral part of international trade.

By sea, Auto Praba transports partial (LCL - Less than Container Load) and full FCL (Full Container Load) cargo from Asia, Africa, America and Australia.

We can offer cargo dispatch from the port of the country of dispatch and cargo pickup from the sender's door. We take care of transportation documents, customs and transit formalities. The customer is constantly informed about the progress of transportation organization and the movement of goods.



Auto Praba operates one of the fastest developing ways of transporting goods - air transport. In Europe, we deliver cargo by air within 2-3 working days, to and from the Far East within 5-7 working days.

If it is not possible to deliver the cargo directly to the recipient by air when transporting cargo in Europe, we offer a solution - to combine air transport with land transport. After reaching one of the larger European airports (Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Helsinki), the cargo is delivered to the airport in Vilnius by road transport. Here, the cargo is received in the consolidation warehouse in Vilnius and distributed according to the destination country and city of the consignee.


Auto Praba, which transports and services thousands of loads every year, is a recognized and respected logistics company in the market.

  • Having chosen reliable partners, we ensure stable and reliable customer service when transporting various cargoes: conventional, textile and clothing, food products, equipment for various purposes, dangerous goods (ADR), goods requiring special temperatures and other goods.

  • We weigh, photograph and measure all cargo brought to our terminal in Vilnius free of charge. We send data about the cargo together with the received documents to the customer by e-mail. by post This allows us to check the goods and, if necessary, correct the documents before the cargo is sent to its destination.

  • We insure all cargo with forwarder's civil liability and carrier's CMR insurance (up to EUR 250,000 per cargo).

  • We are focused on fast transportation and saving your budget, using flexible, individual means of consolidation or intermodal solutions. Working with us, you will always be sure that you are not overpaying for transport services.



We check and photograph the condition, weight, number of seats and dimensions of the cargo at our terminal in Vilnius free of charge. All procedures are carried out in order to avoid errors and data inconsistencies in the documents.

We prepare cargo transportation documents, carry out formal customs procedures in our customs warehouses in Vilnius.

We fully control the cargo transportation route, twice a day (morning and evening) e. by mail, we provide the customer with detailed information about the location of the cargo and the progress of transportation. We promptly inform you about all unforeseen situations that arise during transportation.

We have an extensive network of partner terminals across Europe and can offer the right solution at the right time at the right place.


All transported cargo is insured by the freight forwarder's civil liability and the carrier's CMR insurance (up to 250 thousand euros per cargo).

At the customer's request, we provide an additional cargo insurance service. We can insure cargo up to 110% of the value of the cargo, where 10% is lost profit. We advise clients on cargo insurance issues and help avoid related problems and losses.

We offer the client several price and fulfillment options, giving him the opportunity to choose the most useful of them.

We use a flexible payment system. Regular customers have the possibility of deferment of payment.


Let's get in touch!

You can contact us by phone 

+370 (5) 2052109,
or by filling out the request form.


Auto Praba UAB
Naugarduko st. 98

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